When life gives you artist’s block, take that block and build something out of it.

I’m a huge fan of stop motion, and this creepy video is right up my alley.

I loved the style of this, and the fact that it’s stop motion!

This movie is hilarious. I love the whole idea of turning the story into a comedy.

I love horror films. This soundtrack gives me chills.

Again, I love horror films! And this one is a classic.

I’m a huge fan of metal. In This Moment is my favorite band, and this is for real one of their best albums.

I love this piano piece, the build up is fantastic.

Inspirational Film Maker:

Naturally (and quite obviously to most who know me) my favorite filmmaker is Tim Burton. What I admire most about him is his artistic directing and the way he pushes his own ideas through in every movie. I’d have to say hands down my favorite directing job of his is Big Fish because of the way he creates such whimsical fantasies out of the father’s stories, while still giving it a realistic and natural feeling. Animation wise, I think he has one of the most distinct styles and I love the way he plays with darkness and innocence (best seen recently in Frankenweenie). The Nightmare Before Christmas is also another one of my favorites because of the creativity involved in making the different characters and worlds. I went to his LACMA exhibit and cried because of all the amazing pictures, drawings and “artifacts” they had from his various movies. I like to think we have similar styles and from reading his autobiography, we both have similar backgrounds. We’re both comical and dark and we draw somewhat equally from those genres when we’re working. I love the way he can incorporate darkness or macabre into the simplest things, like in his book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy, which I keep next to my bed because it’s a great source of inspiration when I have artist’s block. He truly inspires me to draw more and to not be afraid to be a little different. I mean, it seems to work well for him. I’ve always said that my life goal is work with him on a film at some point, and although I have yet to achieve that goal it’s going to happen someday, you’ll see.


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