Some ideas for my thesis!

I really want to do something funny for this project. Something that will make you laugh your ass off. Think Family Guy or Robot Chicken as a sense-of-humor-match. Comedy is a big part of my personality and I think I would enjoy the process of creating this film so much more if I was actually laughing while making it. But, the problem is I also love horror/thriller films…

My solution? Combine genres! (Somehow?)

Mind Map:

Rough Ideas

Rough Ideas


 I’ve got some sketches and shit for you all to look at! Nothing is set in stone (or even really fully developed) but hey, they’re fun, right?

Zombie Burrito!

Zombie Burrito!

Log line: In the midst on an infectious outbreak, a cookie and his friend fight to survive.


So I’ve been working on some awesome stuff for this project, and I finally finished building a prototype puppet for my zombie burrito. I built the armature and stuff from scratch. It took a lot of planning and hot glue gun burns but the body is done. Just waiting on the eyes and mouths, which are coming soon. Here’s a link to a portfolio of pictures I took of my zombie burrito and some new character designs!

Character Design:

Puppet Fabrication:

Set Fabrication:


It’s not really thesis related… But here’s some adventures in mold making:

Zombie Burrito Puppet!

Zombie Burrito Puppet!

UPDATE! 4/4/13: New character sketches and some set design sketches. Take a look in the Imgur links above!

UPDATE! 9/13: It’s been a while, but that’s because I’ve been so busy!! I’ve uploaded some new pictures of the fabrication process to Imgur and a link to my animatic. It’s password protected, but let me know you want to view it and I’ll give you the password!


UPDATE!  9/23: This weekend I got a ton of new set work done, and even airbrushed my puppets! The images have been added to the Imgur links above and the animatic has been updated (using the link above)! 

UPDATE! 9/30: Everything is right on schedule now, the puppets are done and the sets are on their way to being finished. I start animating in two weeks! To go along with that, all my albums have been updated (links above!), my animatic has been updated (link above) and here’s a funny picture . Enjoy!

Spray painting at home!

UPDATE! 10/7 : The sets folder has been updated with the newest pics of the microwave set, and the animatic has be tweaked!

UPDATE! 10/13: All the final voices are in the animatic! Plus new microwave, puppet pictures AND a whole new album for animation! The link is above!

UPDATE! 10/30: New animatic version with some raw animation (click the animatic link above), plus more pictures from animation!

UPDATE! 12/1: Wow, it’s been a while. Updated animatic and some new pictures in the photo galleries!

UPDATE! 1/4: The new year brought new goals! I did a little side mold making projects over break. Take a look in the gallery above if you’re interested!

Plaster molding

Plaster molding

UPDATE1/13: New Link to the NEW animatic! Check it out here y’all —>

UPDATE! 1/20: New rough cut! (I can’t even really call it an animatic anymore because it really isn’t!) Here’s the link! —>

UPDATE! 2/3: So there’s a new rough cut done, with a sort-of-intro! Things have been going well for the past few months and the whole film as wrapping up pretty nicely, although there is a ton of post work still left to do.  Anyways, here’s the link to the new rough cut! –>

Tears for all the post work I have to do

UPDATE! 2/24: ALMOST DONE! SO CLOSE! Primary animation is so close to being done, I can taste it. All I can think is “SLEEEP FINALLY” but then I remembered I still have to do clean up and post work… so, there goes that. Anyways, new rough cut link! —->


UPDATE! 3/24: Yay new rough cut! Here’s the link –>

 UPDATE! 4/21: So lately I’ve just kinda been cruising along doing post and clean-up work. Here’s some  fun shots of what’s been going down recently.

Here's a pic from sound mixing.

Here’s a pic from sound mixing.

Downshooter zombie arms

Downshooter zombie arms

UPDATE! 5/7: Well, it’s officially done! Time for thesis review and then graduation!

Yay slime!

Yay slime!


UPDATE! 6/18: And here it is! The link to the finished product of the film. Thanks for coming along for the ride this past year, and enjoy the film! (password: ExDate2014)


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